Wirelessly meshed LED ambient lights

Wild Blinkekatzen in their natural habitat

What is it?

Blinkekatzen are a replacement PCB for commercially available silicone LED lights.
The lights usually contain a battery and some RGB LEDs in a cat shaped housing.

Blinkekatzen expand on this concept by adding processing and wireless communcation capabilities through an ESP32-C3 microcontroller and various sensors to react to interactions such as squeezing or booping the individual cats.
When multiple Blinkekatzen are deployed together within wireless range they form a network in which interaction with one cat also affects other cats close by.

Color accuracy

Blinkekatze in the process of being color calibrated using a colorimeter running DisplayCAL

Blinkekatzen are color calibrated against a Spyder2 colorimeter, providing perfect color accuracy and gamma correction even between production runs (RGB LEDs vary significantly between batches).