TCP/IP for Casio calculators

Webserver & IRC client on Casio fx-9750GII graphical calculators

Casio calculator menu, with fxIP app Casio calculators, showing fxIP start screen

What is it?

fxIP is a port of uIP 1.0 to Casio fx-9750/fx-9860 calculators.
It requires calculators with a SuperH SH4a CPU, needs quite a bit of SRAM.

fxIP connects to IP networks via SLIP encapsulation over the 3-pin 2.5mm 5V serial port/UART.


fxIP was used to serve a demo page to several thousands of visitors. The project was featured on Golem and Hacker News and actually survived the flood of incoming traffic (with considerable slowdown, of course).

Chromium screenshot, showing the fxIP website

Chatting on IRC