HomeSwitch 4

OpenWRT 4-port Gigabit ethernet switch
Rendering of KittenLabs HomeSwitch-4

What is it?

HomeSwitch-4 is a small, low-cost, open hardware, USB-C powered 4-port Gigabit ethernet switch, running OpenWRT.
It’s VLAN-capable and can handle simple VPN and routing applications (CPU connected via 100 MBit/s).
It uses a cheap Allwinner V3s SoC (Cortex A7, 64MB DDR2) and a Realtek RTL8367RB switch chipset.

The design is optimized for automated assembly.


  • OpenWRT managment
  • Front & rear USB-C power inputs (redundant power inputs)
  • I2C and UART connectivity
  • PoE add-on board capability (not designed yet)


Screenshot of OpenWRT on KittenLabs HomeSwitch-4 Screenshot of OpenWRTs Switch configuration page on KittenLabs HomeSwitch-4