IrDA to RS232

IrDA/IrCOMM to RS232 adapter, using MCP2155 chipset

IrDA to RS232 PCB, with RS232 connector visible IrDA to RS232 PCB, connected to an RS232 cable, green LED lit, Palm Tungsten T3 showing Hello World

What is it?

A small PCB, which can receive RS232 over IrDA/IrCOMM (for example from Palm PDAs, Nokia phones, old laptops) and relay it to a RS232 device.

Modded ISDN terminal adapter

This ELSA MicroLink ISDN terminal adapter was modified to include such a IrDA adapter PCB.
It can now be used wirelessly from a Palm PDA to sync data without having to connect it to a PC.

ELSA MicroLink ISDN with IrDA ISDN TA label Internals of modded ELSA MicroLink ISDN with IrDA PCB inside