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  • Gigaset DECT debug adapter

    Friday, December 23, 2022 in Tools

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    What is it? Gigaset-Debug-Adapter can be used with many Gigaset DECT phone models to access the internal UART. It’s basically a 1.8V USB->UART converter, with switchable strapping logic and 3V step-down converter. The device fits into the …

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  • M.2 NVMe -> miniPCIe

    Saturday, November 19, 2022 in Computing

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    What is it? This mechanical adapter allows older devices (like the popular apu2 SBCs) to use modern M.2 NVMe storage. Usage 2 adapters installed in a PC Engines apu2 with Samsung PM991 NVMe SSDs: Links Hardware: KiCAD design files

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  • Analog floppy synthesizer

    Saturday, October 29, 2022 in Art

    Your browser does not support the video tag. What is it? 3.5" floppy disks hold information by storing them magnetically on 80 different tracks (effectively circles) across the media. A stepper motor moves a read/write head across the media and …

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  • Typewriter Teletype

    Sunday, August 07, 2022 in Hacks

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    What is it? Samsung / Commodore SQ-1000 electronic typewriters can be modified to work as a teletype terminal. They use a simple 8bit microcontroller to scan the keyboard matrix and do the printing itself. The keyboard was originally attached using …

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  • SolarCamPi

    Thursday, July 14, 2022 in IoT / Home automation

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    What is it? SolarCamPi is an off-grid webcam solution, that can take a picture using a Raspberry Pi Camera or a USB webcam every 5 minutes and send the image over a long-distance WiFi link. Using a very specialised Linux image on the Raspberry Pis …

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  • Palm IIIc LED backlight

    Sunday, May 15, 2022 in Computing

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    What is it? A replacement LED backlight for the popular Palm IIIc handheld computers (“PDAs”) of the early 00s. The original CCFL backlight (high voltage fluorescent tubes in a portable device!) uses a lot of power for very little …

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  • IrDA to RS232

    Tuesday, March 22, 2022 in Retrocomputing

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    What is it? A small PCB, which can receive RS232 over IrDA/IrCOMM (for example from Palm PDAs, Nokia phones, old laptops) and relay it to a RS232 device. Modded ISDN terminal adapter This ELSA MicroLink ISDN terminal adapter was modified to include …

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  • RGB LED nametag

    Wednesday, December 29, 2021 in Art

    Featured Image for RGB LED nametag

    Your browser does not support the video tag. Hardware Specs 1x STM32F7 taking care of power management, USB and display multiplexing 1x ESP32 Pico D4 providing a web interface to build and store animations 20x HC595 shift registers for row and …

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  • Five meter LED wall

    Saturday, September 11, 2021 in Art

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    What is it? At the Hacken Open Air 2021 (Gifhorn, Germany) event, this 5m by 3m large LED display was built. It consists of 50 individual LED strings with 50 WS2812 LEDs each (50x50 pixels). A central Raspberry Pi feeds 3 seperate STM32F722 via …

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