USB-C charge & sync adapter for Palm IIIc

Palm IIIc with USB-C charging cable Backside of Palm IIIc with USB-C adapter PCB

What is it?

A USB-C sync and charging adapter for the Palm serial dock connector.

Problems with other adapters

A common problem with other adapters is that they often require a hardware RS-232 serial port, making use of an additional adapter with modern hardware necessary. There was also a USB-equipped docking station available but that one is very large, too. Also it has only USB-A so strictly speaking there is still an adapter required for use with many modern devices.
USB-C all the things!


Thanks to semi-modern electronics everything required for USB to serial conversion, RS-232 level conversion and charging of a Palm PDA equipped with this type of palm serial connector can be squeezed within the space usually occupied by the palm serial connector itself.

3D-rendering of Palm IIIc USB-C adapter PCB Backside 3D-rendering of Palm IIIc USB-C adapter PCB