ThinkPad T41/T43 USB-C

USB-C PD to 16V DC charger for vintage ThinkPads

USB-C to barrel jack adapter, USB-C side has a metal enclosure USB-C adapter plugged into ThinkPad T41

What is it?

USB-C PD trigger board with integrated high-power Step-Down converter to 16V.
This board will negotiate 20V, 5A (100W) against a USB-C PD power supply and convert the bus voltage into 16V.

This can be used to power various laptops like ThinkPad T41, T43, etc.


Close-up of ThinkPad USB-C charger PCB


To ensure a full 100W can be delivered continuously a bit of cooling is required.
For this project cooling is provided though a SLM printed stainless steel enclosure. Good thermal transfer is ensured by a 1mm thick thermal pad placed on the bottom of the PCB.
As a bonus the case also provides a super sturdy strain relief clamping the downstream cable firmly in place.

ThinkPad USB-C charger PCB installed in the bottom half of an SLM-printed metal enclosure
  • Hardware: KiCAD and OpenSCAD design files