Typewriter Teletype

Modding SQ-1000 Typewriters into a Teletype

Commodore SQ-1000 typewriter, with printout of a connection to TECS BBS Internals of a Commodore SQ-1000 typewriter, small PCB on the bottom left

What is it?

Samsung / Commodore SQ-1000 electronic typewriters can be modified to work as a teletype terminal. They use a simple 8bit microcontroller to scan the keyboard matrix and do the printing itself.

The keyboard was originally attached using a flat-flex connector directly to the mainboard. The connector was unsoldered and connected to an Arduino microcontroller, which emulates the keyboard matrix. Another arduino is connected to the keyboard and scans the matrix.

Both Arduinos use UART/RS-232 to either send/receive data from a serial connection.

Modified Commodore SQ-1000

Internals of a Commodore SQ-1000 typewriter, with Arduino boards added Close-up of Arduino Pro Mini mod boards

Use as a Linux terminal

Modem call to a bulletin-board

Weather report via long wave (147kHz)